Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Best Colours For Brown Haired Girl...???

I have dark hair, brown eyes and tanned skin, whats the best colour for me?, preferably eye shadow because i can never find the right colour?!! xx
Best Colours For Brown Haired Girl...???
dark gold
Best Colours For Brown Haired Girl...???
Gold would look good or for a party or something maybe something playful like turquoise.
Reply:I think pink would be a very good color for you. A light pink though. No hot pink eyeshadow (:

If you don%26#039;t like the color pink, though, go for a light green.
Reply:i like neutral colors. or pinks.
Reply:Green or blue eyeshadow will look perfect. I have similar physical attributes %26amp; those colors make me look perfect!
Reply:Dark purple I think is right for you!
Reply:Why don%26#039;t you ask in a shop that sells these products ?
Reply:use a shimmery gold for nights.

and for summery days, you could wear a bright green or blue, try to get a matching outfit too, im sure it would look looovely.

Reply:orange. something tropical.
Reply:Pink pink pink pink.. Yeah I don%26#039;t think anyone else would have said pink. But YES, pink. Pink looks AMAZING on tanned people.
Reply:Go for kinda olivey coloured greens , golds , perhaps maybe even a dark purple if your feeling daring .

Reply:Goldey eshadow, Black clothes
Reply:foundation - beige

blusher - dark pink or golden peach

Eyes - grass green, light brown, apricot or mid blues

Lips - pale pinks, Coral pink , Crimson Red

Who here is a size 2 or 4?

what are your bust-waist-hip measurements?

im trying to get down to this size
Who here is a size 2 or 4?
i know im not!!! lmao im a 5 will that work too?
Who here is a size 2 or 4?
I%26#039;m a 2.



Reply:I%26#039;m only a size 4 on top, but I can tell you the typical measurements for these sizes:

Size 2:

Bust: 32-33 inches

Waist: 24.5-25.5 inches

Hips/Butt: 34.5-35.5 inches

Size 4:

Bust: 33-34 inches

Waist: 25.5-26.5 inches

Hips/Butt: 35.5-36.5 inches

Hope this helps.
Reply:well i can sometimes wear a 2 but i am only 15 so idk how accurate this will b for u but im glad to help if i can !:)

bust is 30*

waist is 24*

hip is 31*

*based on the last time i was measured
Reply:I%26#039;m a size 4. I%26#039;m also 6%26#039;1%26quot;, if that makes a difference to you. My measurements are 36-27-38.

Good luck. =)
Reply:yep. me.

im 115


size- 2 or 3

Bust: 34

Waist: 25

Hips: 35
Reply:i dont kno my measurements but im a size 1 and Luv it !
Reply:I am inbetween a 2 and 4, which one I choose depends on the brand.

Bust- 34, waist almost 25, hips almost 35.
Reply:well i am 2
Reply:I am not, and I am proud.

Who is prettier?

1. http://s214.photobucket.com/albums/cc266...

2. http://s214.photobucket.com/albums/cc266...

3. http://s214.photobucket.com/albums/cc266...

4. http://s214.photobucket.com/albums/cc266...
Who is prettier?
Who is prettier?
right, left, right, right
Reply:obviously the dark haired girl...
Reply:WTF...youre both like 10 years old. I feel like I need to speak with your parents and have them kick you off the computer so you cant post your pics on the internet!
Reply:both pretty girls.
Reply:Blonde one.
Reply:both pretty (for 10 year olds ...)
Reply:NONE. you guys are maybe 12 years old.
Reply:the blonde... and you guys look like you are 6 years old.... and posting pics of you in your bathing suits.....take these off the internet before some strange child molester hunts you down
Reply:the blonde...the brunette has weird eyes...no offense
Reply:um..... the blonde ???? but that%26#039;s an iffy one for me.
Reply:the blond is prettier
Reply:they are both very pretty.
Reply:the blond
Reply:I thionk the blonde is smoking hoooooooot!!! Really pretty

The oter one is really pretty to

but the blonde..................WOW
Reply:The blonde is cuter, but the brunette is prettier :]
Reply:i really lyk the 2nd one....the 3rd and 4rth look lyk your tryin 2 hard...yhu and your friend look natural in the second one...

Weird to paint each nail a different colour?

do you think its weird or fun?

ex. pink-blue-orange-red-cream

btw im 14
Weird to paint each nail a different colour?
Weird. But I guess it%26#039;s not as strange if you%26#039;re 14. So whatever, do what pleases you.
Weird to paint each nail a different colour?
It wouldn%26#039;t be as weird if you kept a color scheme to it. Then again, those colors would be unique and different. But if you were to do saaaay dark red, red, a darker pink, pink, %26amp; a light pink, that wouldn%26#039;t look so bad. Or if you did all warm colors like red, orange, yellow, pink, idkk... another warm color haha or all cool colors.
Reply:I like it. But I usually just stick with two colors.
Reply:At your age it%26#039;s acceptable, so go for it.
Reply:Fun! I love it when people do that! And I love doing it... :D

Please answer mine:

Reply:no i see alot of people do this. its being different.unique.you should definitely do this.its very retro.

i can tell you that it will definitely make u stand out from the crowd and get noticed !
Reply:I wouldn%26#039;t do that color combination. Do colors that stick together, or stay in the same tone. If you did pale pink-pale orange-pale yellow-pale green-pale blue, it%26#039;d be cute. But if you did neon orange-black-pale blue-maroon-hot pink, it%26#039;d be kind of awkward :]
Reply:FUN . if you have tht kinda personality then , go for it ,

it doesnt matter about what others think , U GO PAINT YOU NAILS .lmao
Reply:its definatley fun....

a little weird but the world needs more of that

Reply:who cares if its weird to other people? if you want to paint your nails the colors of the rainbow then do it. it sounds fun and unique to me
Reply:not when your younger. it might be better to paint them differnet shades of one color though.
Reply:FUN! I might try rainbow. (red-orange-yellow-green-blue).... unfortunately, since I only have five fingers, I can%26#039;t fit purple in


Will this help my hair regrow???

i straightened my hair soo much that the top part of my thinned a lot. and its like i barely have any hair on top of my head(not even enough hair to cut bangs) but the rest of my hair is thick. and my hair stylist told me to take biotin so my hair can regrow. do u know how long it takes for hair to regrow? i want to have perfect hair before september cuz i have to go to a wedding.

and what else does make hair regrow? any shampoos??
Will this help my hair regrow???
- stop straightening completely

- air dry hair

- no styling products at all

- just brush hair

- wash hair once a week if you can, every 3 days if you must

can you msg me at


becuase i want to start straighening my hair everyday, i dont know that it owuld thin, can you tell me more?

Which would you rather have redhead, blonde, or brown girl or guy?

Which would you rather have redhead, blonde, or brown girl or guy?
Brown-haired guy. I love brown hair on guys! :)

Please answer mine:

Which would you rather have redhead, blonde, or brown girl or guy?
well i have red black and brown hair lol so i really dont care what color the hair is and besideds there is only one way to tell what i pursons natural hair color is lol and i aint going to the south end to find out lol j%26#039;k
Reply:i like guys with brown hair,most of the time. or black. :)
Reply:anything but a readhead and girl or guy
Reply:Brown hair, or sandy blonde on guys ;)
Reply:i would want to date a brunette guy, and i want to be a brunette babe which i already am (:
Reply:doesn%26#039;t matter to me

as long as he treats me right :^)
Reply:defintely dirty blonde or dark brown on guys...preferably dark brown
Reply:Dark haired men are my weakness!
Reply:Wouldn%26#039;t care - I don%26#039;t go on hair colour, I judge on personality xxxxx
Reply:My guy was a redhead when he was little, and now he has dark brown hair with a coppery tint. His beard fluctuates between red and brown.

Best of both worlds ^_^
Reply:Brown haired people look laid back hence, they are not difficult to approach, blondes sometimes intimidate me, at first.

but it doesnt really matter what hair color do they sport.

As long as your comfortable with their company, its all that matters.

How can i be a tomboy?

because i hate being girly...

please help me.
How can i be a tomboy?
get involved in sports.

dont wear pink.

start wearing jeans.

dont wear heels.

dont spend too much time fixing your hair in the morning.

dont wear makeup.
How can i be a tomboy?
get a sex change
Reply:why would you want to look like a guy? ewww... you don%26#039;t have to be girly, try being punk. they dress and look like girls but they are not preppy, the hate preps.
Reply:ive always been a tomboy but i used to be a cheerleader. i was an outdoorsy person and i liked doing what guys around me did: fishing hunting swimming in the creek, just hang out with guy friends and do what they do. but remember you cant change the inside of you. a part of you will always be a girly girl so you should accept it.
Reply:*show no regard for personal hygiene

*do not wear pink

*do not paint your nails and keep them clipped to the point where no white is visible.

*do not wear skirts

*do not wear tops showing your arm or back (tanks tops, halters)

*wear baggy clothes to hide your girly figure

*do not listen to techno or girly music. Stick to rock bands and things of that nature.

*develop a strong dislike of Hello Kitty (the symbol of ultimate girlyness)

*cut your hair short (chin length being the longest)

*wear beanies

*use old spice instead of Secret Sparkle french lavender scent

*do not wear body splashes or perfumes of any scent. Instead, use some Axe body spray

*no high heels or ballet flats. Vans and converse are preferred.

*develop an interest in athletics and sports. Perhaps join a team at your school.

*and lastly, befriend only males. If need be, a few tomboy friends are acceptable. As long as they are not poisoning your mind with filthy girl talk.